Trims And Mouldings

Complete your flooring installation with Lions Floor mouldings.

We stock our trims/mouldings to arrive with your flooring, seamlessly blending together our high-performing flooring products with the applicable trim to create the desired aesthetic. Most mouldings coordinate with all our SPC, WPC, and laminate collections, with each moulding measuring 94.5 inches in length.

end-cap | Lions Floor

End Cap

Works great when finishing the floor in areas that meet vertical objects.

reducer | Lions Floor


Ideal for transitioning between your flooring and carpet.

flush-stair-nose | Lions Floor

Flush Stair Nose

The stairnose is used to finish stair treads and risers.

t-moulding | Lions Floor


Used when two level surfaces meet, like in a doorway or a narrow archway

quarter-round | Lions Floor

Quarter Round

Finish the perimeter for expansion and contraction of the flooring.

stair-tread | Lions Floor

Stair Tread

Available for select collections only.

Enhance your flooring installation with Lions Floor mouldings, which are designed to be the perfect finishing touch for your project.

 Stocked to arrive with your flooring, they seamlessly blend together with our high-performing SPC, WPC and laminate collections, ensuring the desired aesthetic. Our selection includes: End Cap, Reducer, Flush Stair Nose, T-Moulding, Quarter Round, and Stair Tread. Each moulding measures 94.5 inches in length, offering ample coverage for your space. Choose Lions Floor for quality, style, and convenience in every detail.