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Consider your specific needs and preferences when
deciding between SPC, WPC, LVP and laminate.

All options share common performance and visual traits. WPC and SPC flooring excels in moisture resistance and durability. LVP offers style, durability, and affordability. Laminate provides a cost-effective choice with diverse design possibilities. Choose your preferred look and feel, take home samples, and decide based on your room's purpose, lifestyle, and desired aesthetic.

Characteristic SPC Flooring Glue Down LVP Flooring Laminate WPC
Core Material Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) Fiberglass-reinforced structure Waterproof core Wood Polymer Composite (WPC)
Thickness Thicker than other vinyl floorings Varies, typically thinner than SPC Thicker than other rigid floorings Thicker than other vinyl floorings
Appearance Resembles real hardwood flooring Can replicate the look of hardwood Mimics the appearance of real wood Resembles real hardwood flooring
Stability and Rigidity High rigidity and stability Dimensionally stable Good dimensional stability High rigidity and stability
Durability Highly durable and resistant Durable and resistant to wear Durable and wear-resistant Highly durable and resistant
Moisture Resistance Ultimate moisture resistance Moisture-resistant surface Waterproof surface with waterproof core Ultimate moisture resistance
Sound Insulation Pre-attached underpad for insulation Minimal sound insulation Limited sound insulation Pre-attached underpad for insulation
Heat Retention Retains heat Maintains temperature Maintains temperature Retains heat
Use in High-Traffic Areas Suitable for high-traffic areas Ideal for high-traffic areas Ideal for high-traffic areas Suitable for high-traffic areas
Repairability Easily replace single damaged plank Easily replace single damaged plank Easily replace single plank Easily replace single damaged plank
Suitable for Commercial Use Residential and light commercial Yes, especially in multifamily complexes and light commercial use Residential and limited use in commercial settings Residential and light commercial
Scratch Resistance Extremely scratch resistance Scratch resistance Scratch resistance Extremely scratch resistance
Indentations Extremely indention resistance Prone to dents from heavy furniture Extremely indention resistance Extremely indention resistance