Luxury Vinyl Plank Installation

Explore essential tips and warranty details for installing our luxury vinyl plank flooring.

Installing your luxury vinyl plank flooring

Thoroughly examine the flooring before installation for grade, color, finish, and quality. Ensure adequate lighting for proper inspection. If flooring is not acceptable, do not install the floor. Please get in touch with the seller immediately and arrange for a replacement. Please note our products contain a standard color and pattern variation, and installers should be working from multiple open boxes to ensure boards are blended throughout. The manufacturer cannot accept responsibility for the installation of flooring with visible defects. Installation of this product warrants the acceptance by the installer or owner for the quality of the material, as well as the job site conditions in which the material is being installed.

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Please read our guide completely before installation

Not adhering to all the installation guidelines recommended by Lions Floor will result in the voiding of warranty coverage.

Prior to installation

Verify site and subfloor meet instructions. Have all accessories on-site. The manufacturer is not responsible for flooring failure due to poor site or subfloor conditions.


When buying flooring, add 5-15% for cutting and culling. Up to 5% outside this range is acceptable and not defective.

Check moisture levels

Test subfloors for moisture, follow ASTM F-2170 for concrete, maintain dry basements/crawl spaces, and use 6-mil Visqueen as a moisture barrier if needed.

Recommended installation area

Not for outdoor use, wet areas, uncontrolled temperature rooms, or flood-prone spaces.

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