Comfort Heights

Baywood Place

Material TypeLaminate
Species of WoodOak
CollectionComfort Heights
ColorBaywood Place
Surface Type(EIR) Embossed in Register
EdgePainted bevel
ApplicationResidential, Commercial
Width9 1/4"
Installation MethodUniclic/Floating

  • Waterproof

  • Indent Resistant

  • Paw Friendly

  • Sound Tested
Residential: 25 Years Limited / Commercial: 5 Years Limited
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Fire RatingASTM E648Class 1 or 2
Topical Moisture ResistanceISO 4760Water Resistant/Closed Cell
Thickness SwellingISO 24336+4.27%
IICImpact Sound Rating E49256 db
STC Sound Transmission LossE9053 db
Object Impact ResistanceISO 24335Max Height: sm460mm
Average Wear Layer ThicknessASTM F4105.1 mil
Dimensional Stability, Curl After HeatASTM F2199Passes
Variance of ThicknessISO 24337Above average
Resistance to HeatASTM F1514Passes
Resistance to LightASTM F1515Passes


Seamlessly blend together our high-performing flooring products with the desired trim to create the desired aesthetic. Our mouldings coordinate with all our collections and respected colors.

Moisture/Vapor Barrier Underlayment

For best results when installing your floating floor, we recommend Lions Floor Premium Moisture/Vapor Barrier Underlayment. Our underlayment offers exceptional sound dampening properties, acts as a reliable moisture barrier, and effectively impedes the growth of mold and mildew.
MaterialPolyethylene Film
Thickness 3 mm EVA Padding
Roll Weight 18.0 lbs (+/-3%)
Sq. ft. Per Roll 200 sq. ft.
Warranty Lifetime
Dimensions 55.6 ft. Length x 3.7 ft. Wide
Model Number UL-MB3
Includes overlap & tape for easy installation.

Laminate FAQS

Let Lions Floor help answer all of your pressing laminate flooring questions. Browse our FAQs today.

Laminate flooring is experiencing a resurgence in popularity due to several key factors. Our modern manufacturing techniques have greatly improved the aesthetics of laminate flooring, allowing it to closely mimic the appearance of natural wood at a more budget-friendly price. Its durability, wear resistance, and 100% waterproof surface with a waterproof core, specifically engineered to withstand even the most extreme moisture conditions, make it ideal for high-traffic areas.

The AC rating for laminate floors refers to the Abrasion Class rating. The AC rating primarily evaluates the durability and resistance of laminate flooring to various factors such as scratches, stains, burns, and impact. It helps consumers and professionals alike to assess the suitability of a particular laminate floor for different levels of foot traffic in both residential and commercial settings. The AC rating scale typically ranges from AC1 to AC5, with AC1 being the least durable and suitable for light residential use and AC5 being the most durable and appropriate for heavy commercial use, such as high-traffic public spaces like shopping malls or airports. An AC4 rating suits families with high traffic and furry friends.

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Learn more about our laminate installation process at Lions Floor today. Browse our laminate installation page to see what happens before, during, and after laminate installation.

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Care & Maintenance

Laminate floors will require basic care and maintenance to look their best. Follow our care guide to stay current on the top care tips.